Exede Internet Service

The Future of High Speed Internet

Exede Internet Service is powered by the most powerful communications satellite in existence – ViaSat-1. This satellite was launched in October 2011 and brings you the best quality satellite Internet service in the country. These new speeds are 8 times faster than our former service WildBlue. Exede delivers amazing download speeds up to 12 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps.

Understanding How Exede Satellite Internet Works

Exede Internet service works thanks to an amazing amount of high technology and innovation to bring fast Internet to your home. A signal is sent via ground equipment to the ViaSat-1 satellite. This satellite then sends the signal to the Exede dish that has been installed on your home. A cable from the dish to your modem carries the signal into your home, so that you can access the information you want on your computer or other Internet enabled device.

What Makes Exede So Great

Apart from the amazing cutting edge satellite technology that Exede boasts, there are many reasons why Exede is the preferred choice for high speed satellite Internet service. You get:

  • Quicker Downloading – up to 12 Mbps on every single plan, not just the most expensive one, like with other satellite Internet providers.
  • Quicker Uploads – up to 3 Mbps, making video-chat, photo sharing and more easy and fast.
  • You get to do everything you want to do online because Exede is 4 times faster than average DSL service and 240 times faster than dialup.
  • Instant Availability – no more waiting for a big name company to bring broadband to you or having to deal with slow Internet options. High speed Exede is available now where you live.
  • Every plan always offers 5 free hours of unlimited nightly data access, every night, even if you have used up your entire data plan for the month.
  • Free standard installation – new plans receive free standard installation and a discount on the cost of set-up – a mere $49.99, a $100 savings.

While Exede is the ideal solution to high speed Internet needs in rural America, there are some people who may find that Exede does not provide what they are looking for most. Heavy gamers who enjoy fast twitch gaming will find that Exede does not offer the responsiveness needed for such games, because of the nature of satellite communications. There is lag time, which is practically imperceptible for most uses, but not for fast twitch gaming. Those who are heavy downloaders will also find that data caps imposed on satellite Internet providers by the federal government make satellite Internet a less than ideal choice.


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