Exede Voice: A Home Phone Service Beyond Compare

Exede Voice is an exciting innovation for users of Exede Internet, the most reliable satellite Internet service in the country. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, Exede Voice was created only for use with an Exede Internet package. It works better than any other VoIP system possibly could with your Internet service. With competitive pricing, it saves you tons over the cost of traditional home phone service. Your search for a solid VoIP system is over – Exede Voice has it all.

Do More with Exede

Exclusivity makes all the difference with Exede Voice. It is only available to Exede customers and works optimally with that Internet service. When you choose Exede, you get a home phone service that offers amazing advantages.

  • - Unlimited local and long distance calls in Canada and the United States.
  • - International rates that are extremely low.
  • - A dependable home phone service at a great low monthly price.
  • - The flexibility of keeping the number you already have or getting another.
  • - You get the security of a land line in your home.
  • - Voicemail, call waiting, call display and other premium features are included free of charge.
  • - Exede customers never have to worry about their VoIP system eating up their monthly data when they choose Exede Voice. Users can also use the Internet while using their phone.

A Do It Yourself Start

Exede Voice is simple to set up. After placing your order for service, you will receive a package by mail containing the important voice adapter and step-by-step instructions. You will simply plug in the adapter as shown and call the number you are given to start your service. It's that easy. You have a low-cost, reliable home phone service that can be used with any phone you already have, including cordless phones.

Exede prides itself on bringing you the best satellite Internet service on the market and only adds high quality product to its lineup of services. Before bringing this latest service to the market, the ViaSat team spent a year perfecting the technology and another year beta testing it for quality. Only after it met the company's high standards was it offered to you the customer. Exede Voice will give you such a crystal clear connection, it will be almost impossible to detect that you are using a VoIP service over satellite.

Choose Exede Voice today and get quality home phone service at an unbeatable price. Simply call us to order and before you know it, you'll have a clear phone connection that you can depend on.


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