Exede is #1 According to the FCC

A Federal Communication Commission (FCC) report that was released in early 2013 confirmed that Exede/ViaSat outranks the competition in delivery of sustained broadband speeds. Customers want reliability when they invest in Internet service. If an ISP promises a certain speed, they should be able to consistently deliver that speed or better. Exede does so better than any other Internet Service Provider, according to the FCC.

Exede Excels in Delivering On Its Promises

When compared to big name Internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon DSL and others, Exede outperformed them all in terms of actual to advertised speed ratio. While the other ISPs boasted speeds they could deliver, sustaining those speeds was a problem. Not for Exede though, its percentage ratio of actual to advertised speeds for both uploading and downloading was well over 120%.

Sustained upload ratios for Exede were measured at 160% of the advertised speed, while download speeds were sustained at a level of almost 140%. Only one other company crossed the 120% mark, and only with its upload speed. Its download speed was under 100%, as were the ratios of many other companies studied.

An Honor To Be Included

This study conducted by the FCC is not a new one. The Measuring Broadband America report is an ongoing study. However, this year was the first time a satellite Internet provider was included in the study, and the only one to be included was Exede! Proud to be the initial satellite Internet provider included in the study, Exede is equally proud of the results it produced.

Rural Customers are Recognized by Exede's Inclusion

The FCC was missing a large part of America with its study by not including satellite Internet. Their inclusion of Exede in this year's study means that rural America finally has representation in the study. For much of the country the only option for high speed Internet is satellite Internet. Results released prior to the February report provided no helpful information for rural residents. Now, they can feel confident in their choice of trustworthy, solid Exede – a company that outperforms those big name providers that neglect rural America.

To read more about the Measuring Broadband America study, visit the FCC website. If you have questions about Exede service, please call us at 1-866-827-6098.


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