Understanding and Managing Your Data Allowance

Each and every Exede plan comes with our fastest Internet speeds.  In order to get the most out of your Internet experience, it is important that Exede customers understand and manage their data usage appropriately. Depending on where you live, you can tap into satellite Internet plans with downstream speeds that reach up to 12 Mbps or 5 Mbps.  Your monthly data allowance is the only difference between each plan.  View our official Data Allowance Policy to find out how much data you can use each month and how it all works. 
Insert link to Data Allowance policy: http://www.exede.com/legal

How Your Data Usage is Measured

The amount of data that you use is measured on a monthly basis.  Following the conclusion of each monthly billing period, we reset your data usage to zero.  All upstream and downstream data that is transmitted through your Exede broadband service is counted towards your data allowance starting from the first day of each new monthly measurement period.

Going Over the Allotted Data Allowance

In the event that you surpass your monthly data allowance, we could severely restrict, slow, and/or suspend your Exede service, or specific uses of your service, until the conclusion of your measurement period. Your data usage will be reset to zero at the end of each measurement period. If your Exede service has been limited due to overuse, it will be restored.   

Keeping Track of Data Usage

If you are a heavy Internet user, we suggest that you monitor your monthly satellite Internet usage to keep track and avoid exceeding your data allowance each month. Monitoring your data usage is an easy process. See the exact amount of data that you used this month by logging in to your account through your email address and password. There is no easier way to avoid the inconvenient surprise of going over your Internet data allowance than by tracking your data usage!

Usage Thresholds per Data Allowance Policy

Monthly Exede Price $49.99 $79.99 $129.99
Monthly Data Allowance 10 GB 15 GB 25 GB



  • Your upload and download data usage are combined.
  • The Recovery Act Addendum states the data allowance for all Recovery Act Program subscribers in the Customer Agreement  (http://www.exede.com/documents/master/customer-agreement.pdf )

Don’t Surpass Data Allowances - Take Advantage of the Late Night Free Zone

When it comes to staying below your monthly data allowance, the Exede Late Night Free Zone is a lifesaver. Every night between midnight and 5am, we offer you unmeasured, unlimited data usage. You can download and upload as much content as you want without digging into your monthly data allowance. Even if you have exceeded your limit and your service has been restricted, your access is FREE and back to normal during the Late Night Free Zone.

Internet Activities that Might Cause You to Go Beyond Data Allowances

It is extremely important to be aware of which activities require larger amounts of data so you can minimize them, or do such activities during the hours of the Late Night Free Zone (midnight to 5 am). Pay attention to the following activities when you are trying to limit data consumption:

  • Downloading full-length movies
  • Using an unsecured wireless router
  • Extensive use of file sharing programs that are peer-to-peer (P2P)
  • Repeatedly viewing or downloading streamed media content such as radio and online video
  • Prolonged web camera usage
  • Frequent  downloading of large files or applications
  • Frequent uploading of large email attachments, photos, and/or home movies
  • Frequent use of online backup services such as HP Upline, SOS, Mozy and Carbonite

If you are an Internet user that engages heavily in the aforementioned activities, we encourage you to monitor your data allowance and make use of the Late Night Free Zone.

Internet Use That Can Cause You to Exceed Internet Data Allowances

It is important to know which activities use up a larger amount of data, so you can minimize such activities, or do them during the free zone that Exede offers from midnight to 5am every day. Here is the list of Interact activities most likely to cause you to exceed Internet data allowances.

  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing program use
  • Downloads of full-length movies
  • Regular downloads of large files and applications
  • Regular uploads of large amounts of photos, video clips and big email attachments
  • Heavy use of a web camera
  • Use of an unsecured wireless router
  • Heavy continual use of streaming music or video, such as online radio and video
  • Heavy use of online backup services, such as Mozy and Carbonite.

If you choose to use your service for such activities, monitoring of your data allowance is necessary, as is scheduling activities during the Late Night Free Zone whenever possible.

Selecting the Right Plan Helps

Households with multiple Internet users or those who consistently use the Internet for content rich media will likely need the biggest plan that we offer. This will guarantee that you avoid running the risk of slowdowns and/or restrictions when you go beyond our satellite Internet data allowances. 
If you are an Internet user that finds the occasional need for additional data, you can use the Buy More option purchase 1 GB increments of data for just $9.99 each. This option ensures that you will never have an untimely encounter with slow and restricted Internet access.
With the appropriate plan, scheduling of content intensive activities, and knowledge; you will be able to get the most out of your high-speed satellite Internet service. You will never surpass your Internet data allowance again!


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